About Us



We aspire to achieve leadership in plastic conversion while providing quality products to the market, technology based packaging to our customers and professional development to our staff to maintain an excellent service standard to all our stakeholders locally and internationally.



Going towards a continuous improvement plan and organizational activities at establishing our company as a pioneer supplier of high quality plastic products in Egypt, while serving both local and international markets alike.


Since 1973 , our establishment year , Royal star has always been committed to produce high quality , safe and practical products  matching with excellent food standards.

Supported by three type of machines: injections machines, thermoforming machines and extruders to satisfy the demands of our customers.

Our commitment, for nearly half a century, to producing high quality food packing for quality food products has always and will always be our Target with more than 300 product.

Our vision

To achieve proliferation at the level of Egypt and many Arab countries To be recognized as the global brand in the Packaging Industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach the Middle East and Europe by empowered team of expertise being utilized in major market spheres.


we have been focusing on upgrading ourselves In order to ensure the quality of Royal Star Services.